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Thanks to the "Zaporuka" foundation for helping to create houses of supported living

February 20, 2024, 22:00 109 Author: Albert Pavlov The fund purchased boilers, boilers, chimneys and other materials for the heating system of buildings in Shcherbynivka, Cherkasy Oblast

Thanks to the

We express our sincere thanks to the charitable foundation "Zaporuka", which provided substantial assistance to our foundation "Helpus" or the purchase of a heating system for our house of supported living in the village of Shcherbynivka in Cherkasy region, as well as for the house of the Bardysh family (a family of people with special needs).

Thanks to the help of the fund, we purchased 2 solid fuel boilers and chimneys for them, 2 electric boilers, 280 meters of pipes for the heating system, electric heaters, a pump and other important things for heat supply of houses.

Thanks to the

Thanks to the

Thanks to this help, the assisted living building will be able to receive its first residents already at the beginning of spring, after the completion of the reconstruction and extension, up to 5 residents will be able to live in the building.

We are also preparing a house for the family of Vitaliy and Natalia Bardysh, together with their little daughter. Both parents once left the walls of boarding schools for adults, and need our support in arranging their own lives.

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