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From boarding schools - to freedom

February 28, 2024, 11:00 94 Author: Albert Pavlov We will help people with disabilities to live in their own house and raise a child.

From boarding schools - to freedom

Cases when a person leaves a psychoneurological for a free life are very rare in Ukraine. And if two such people create a family and give birth to a child, this is an almost unique case.

We are helping such a family in Shcherbynivka. Unfortunately, the state provides almost no assistance in such situations (except for the minimum pension).

Since September 2023, we have been working with the Bardysh family,, trying to provide Vitaliy, Natalia, and their daughter Anya with normal housing. As I already mentioned, both parents are people with disabilities, and they used to live in psychiatric boarding schools. Now, Vitaliy already has a house in Shcherbynivka, Cherkasy region, and our task is to make this house livable.

Thanks to your help, we already have a boiler, chimney, toilet, radiators for heating, doors, as well as some building materials. We also bought a new refrigerator and washing machine for the family. But now we really need help paying for interior work (installation of plasterboard partitions, heating, plumbing, floor repair, tiling), plus the purchase of building materials.

We will be grateful for any help that will bring this family closer to settling in their own home. This issue is critically important for the safety and normal life of their daughter Anya.