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Conditions of detention are violated in psycho-neurological institutions

April 18, 2023, 7:15 127 Conclusions based on the results of the public examination of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine

This article was published on June 10, 2015

On the official website of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union for Human Rights conclusions based on the results of the public examination of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine , which was held by the union. The purpose of the examination is to study the conditions of detention and observance of human rights in psycho-neurological institutions of Ukraine.

"Referring to the report of the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for human rights and research of non-governmental organizations, it is necessary to ascertain the violation of the rights of wards of psycho-neurological institutions, which, among other things, are caused by the actions of the administration of the institutions or, in some cases, by the current legal framework, i.e. are systemic. The situation of wards of psycho-neurological institutions on the territory of the anti-terrorist operation is of particular concern, human rights defenders note.

After carrying out an examination of normative acts, the experts came to the conclusion that human rights are not decisive both for the activity of residential institutions and, guided by the regulation, for the Ministry of Social Policy in general. The current standard provision on PNI (as well as the draft of the new provision) makes possible a systematic violation of the right to choose a place of residence and inclusion in the local community, because in case of need for inpatient care, a person with a disability is inevitably subject to segregation.

Also, human rights defenders found out that the staff is not obliged to provide the wards with information on the implementation of human rights and to undergo training on human rights standards; the actual lack of personnel responsible for the rehabilitation direction causes even greater degradation of the ward's personality, and the lack of rehabilitation programs cancels his potential opportunities to return to the community.

Human rights defenders propose to regulate the provision of rehabilitation and social services to wards, training in necessary social skills, the addition of a psychologist and a social worker to the staff, provision of places for the wards to be alone, sanitary and hygienic procedures without of outsiders, conditions for storing personal belongings, assistance in making contacts with relatives and relatives, ensuring religious rites and participation in cultural events, as well as training boarding school personnel in international human rights standards.

It will be recalled that after the employees of the Commissioner's Secretariat, together with representatives of public organizations, carried out a monitoring visit to the institutions of Ivano-Frankivsk region, it became clear that no funds are allocated from the regional budget for food and medicines for psycho-neurological institutions.