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Their dreams come true

May 26, 2023, 18:05 121 Author: Serhii Kordyk They always look forward to this time of year: May and June for them is a real dream, which, fortunately, comes true for them every year..

Someone fantasizes about a trip abroad, and some - about buying a car, and most people, of course, long for victory and peace... And they count the days in anticipation of a spring-summer trip outside their "lifetime" institution.

Their dreams come true

The only close people are the employees of the institution

Initially, since 1963, when this institution began to function, girls from four to eighteen years of age with varying degrees of mental retardation were admitted here. And when they came of age, a problem arose: where to distribute them? In order not to get into extra trouble, representatives of the then local authorities decided to reform the institution. Therefore, a psycho-neurological institution for adults was established in Ponornytsia village of the Korop territorial community. The main task is to provide care services with provision of accommodation for women with mental disabilities. For most of the wards (and they get here from the age of 18 and stay until the end of their lives ), the employees of the institution are the only close people.

And they get here not only because of congenital mental abnormalities, but also acquired - caused by various life circumstances.

Their dreams come true

- These people who are here should be treated with understanding and without hatred, - says the director of Ponornytskyi Psycho-Neurological Institution Serhiy Fedosenko. - That's how it happens in life: today a person does not suspect anything, and he is completely healthy, but suddenly something happens to his head - and that's it... He ends up here with a mental disorder. So no one is immune from this.

Zhanna lived with her husband and two children in the city of Horodnya. And suddenly a tragedy happened to the family - the hostess fell ill with schizophrenia. She ended up here. The same misfortune befell Olga, who also had a full-fledged family: a husband, children... And Galina, who was a medical worker in a medical institution, came here from Korop... Such are human destinies broken by mental illness. And this is where women have to spend their whole lives.

Tanya wanted to get married

Young men from Pryluchchyna promised Tatiana to give her in marriage. They signed up on the Internet. They came to pick her up at the boarding school. She was promised many things, and the most important thing was the opportunity (so she thought) to realize her dream. Against her personal consent, the director of the boarding school could not do anything, although he called the police and a representative of the psychological service. "I asked her for the last time: does she really want to go? - Yes, - she replied," - the head of the boarding school recalls the events at that time.

And after some time, Serhiy Fedosenko found out that Tanya was living in terrible conditions - in a tent 60 kilometers from the house where her new "masters" lived. And the main "occupation" for a young woman is working. From morning until late evening, she had to work on a large plot of land. So her dream "was realized" in the care of carrots, cucumbers, potatoes...

Serhiy Fedorovych then spent almost a whole year on the legal and legal epic for the preparation of the necessary documents regarding the return of the woman to the boarding school. And he managed to do it!

"I am very glad that I am here again with Serhiy Fedorovych," Tetyana sums up with joy.

And they go to the meadow for sorrel, and swim in the pond too

Alyona, a ward of this institution, is able-bodied, so she and her friends go to the center of the village on their own and can withdraw the required amount of money from bank cards and buy something in the store.

- Serhiy Fedorovych takes care of us, - the ward Alyona speaks favorably of the head of the institution, - he invites volunteers here who bring us gifts... He allows us to go out and collect sorrel in the ravine. We all like that. We are really looking forward to summer...

When the other women heard about the kvass, they immediately ran up and, like children, got confused. "Oh, we'll go get some sorrel soon! And I, and I...".

Their dreams come true

Alyona said that this is their goal and at the same time it is a great pleasure: to go outside the institution together with other wards and collect this plant for green borscht.

- We already went this year, but we still didn't collect enough, - says ward Oksana, Alyona's friend. - Serhiy Fedorovych allows us to go to the pond in the summer, we swim there.

Business needed

When I arrived at the boarding school, it was on this day that volunteers from Chernihiv Oleg Seryk and Svitlana Bakai brought the wards a lot of all kinds of things they needed: blankets, clothes, detergents, food... And although none of the inhabitants is hungry (everything they need is here), but you still have to see how happy the wards of the institution were at the gifts they brought! So they were happy to help unload the humanitarian cargo.

Their dreams come true

The head of the psycho-neurological institution addresses his wards either by name or simply as "my girls". And they are very responsive to it. And they are also very grateful that Serhiy Fedosenko organizes various entertainment events for them. Ihor Khonin, an artist from Chernihiv, has already visited here several times. Now I only hear from psycho-neurological institution girls: "Ihor Khonin, Igor Khonin...". And when you hear how they say and shout the name of this singer, you get the impression that he is like a family member for them.

There are also creative women among the wards of the institution. They themselves willingly tell how they know how to draw, make mosaic pictures...

"Spy" passions

According to the statement of the director of the Ponornytsky psycho-neurological institution Serhiy Fedosenko, the police opened criminal proceedings under Article 361 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - unauthorized interference in the work of information and communication systems and electronic communication networks.

Serhiy Fedosenko was forced to turn to the law enforcement officers, because he rightly suspected his subordinate of "espionage".

Thus, the director became the victim, and one of his subordinates became the "criminal" defendant.

Having the qualification of a computer systems engineer, Yuriy Sh., according to the manager of the institution, installed special programs in work computers, thanks to which, even at home, he could see and record all the "computer" actions of his manager and other employees of the institution .

And even after being dismissed from his position, the "programmer" was always "spying" on the actions of his former colleagues. Rave? - you say. Not at all.

When Serhii Fedosenko found out that his documents somehow got to Yury Sh., he invited an IT specialist and he discovered spy software in the work computers, through which the information of all the institution's documents - accounting documentation, web addresses, passwords - leaked ... And when already in the course of the investigation, the computers were sent for examination, unauthorized access was established procedurally and officially.

After that, as part of the criminal proceedings, at Yuri Sh.'s place of residence, files were found in his computer that were directly related to the activities of the Ponornytskyi Psycho-Neurological Institution , as well as malicious software that allowed interfering with other electronic machines.

So the law enforcement officers together with the specialists of the prosecutor's office, while investigating the case, established that there really was such an intervention on the part of a fellow villager.

Then there was a trial in which the fact of "spy" intervention was confirmed.

Occupation. We would not have survived without good people

It was difficult during the russian occupation. And although there were no russian conquerors directly in Ponornytsia (they only passed in military convoys seven kilometers from the village), their stay in other settlements had quite an effect on the life of the institution.

- In March of last year, there were days when there was not even bread, - the director of the boarding school recalls these terrible times. - Can you imagine? Wards need to eat, but there was not enough bread. And a little later, local farmers helped us in providing food. Volunteers then brought us meat, canned food, and other grocery sets with buckwheat, rice, pasta products... I especially want to thank Yuriy Kobyzskyi, Andriy Borodyuk, Serhiy Bilych, the Temnyuk family for their help... Help also came from the Department of Social Protection of the region . Without all this help, it is scary to even think what would have happened. And on March 8, with the money allocated by the trade union for our women, they bought flour and yeast from Krolevka and baked bread and buns themselves. We understood that war, encirclement, occupation, but our contingent is special. And when there was no electricity, a place was set up in the yard and food was prepared there. Later, they brought us a generator, so he helped us out. It was turned on alternately depending on the needs: when the kitchen is working, the bathhouse is not functioning, and vice versa.

Problems of today

Until the 1960s, the district executive committee of the Communist Party was located in the building where the psycho-neurological institution is now located (when the village of Ponornytsia was the district center - and this was the case in "local" history) and the military commissariat. And even earlier, before the communist era, there was a Christian-Orthodox church with various church buildings. It is good that the communists did not think of turning these premises into fertilizer warehouses or village clubs, as in other settlements. So now, although the wards have 6-8 beds, there is quite a lot of space here - what can I say, when the floor to ceiling is as much as 5.5 meters! And when you need to replace light bulbs, you can't do without a ladder.

Their dreams come true

The institution is designed for 80 wards, currently there are 79 women. 75 percent of the financial monthly payments are deducted from each pupil for their maintenance. 25 percent can spend on their needs (access to the Internet, buying what they want, etc.).

Until recently, there were serious problems with the equipment of the food block - it was so outdated that it was even dangerous to prepare food. In addition, the old kitchen hood needed to be replaced. Without waiting for outside help, the manager had to find the funds on his own. It is good that the leadership of the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Chernihiv Military Administration helped, and now this issue has almost been resolved positively. This also applies to the general renovation of both the dining room and the kitchen, because there was a lack of money for the purchase of building materials.

Their dreams come true

And if current repairs - for example, in the laundry room - are done by oneself, then there are works that cannot be carried out independently. Take at least a heating system. There is no money to replace the chimney in the boiler house, and it needs to be replaced urgently, because it is in a very unsatisfactory condition. About $ 2 017 are needed only for the production of design and estimate documentation! Therefore, Serhii Fedosenko is asking patrons to respond to help resolve the issue of boiler room reconstruction. And this request becomes doubly important, since in June of this year the institution will celebrate its 60th anniversary.