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The family of the famous Bukovyna artist Orest Kryvoruchka needs our help!

February 29, 2024, 14:00 143 Author: Albert Pavlov After the death of the artist, his family was in a very difficult situation.

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The family of the famous Bukovyna artist Orest Kryvoruchka needs our help!

Sometimes in our lives, a series of difficult life events leads the whole family into a dead end. And then, it is very important for people around to support such a family. Unfortunately, in my experience, I constantly see how people are left alone with problems they cannot solve.

I will share the story of this family, hoping for your financial and informational support.

Oksana, her mother, and daughter live in Chernivtsi. Three intelligent women find themselves in a very difficult situation. Oksana is an artist and educator by education. Bohdan's daughter, Valentina, has an unfinished art education and knows English. Valentina's mother, Valentina, took care of her daughter's health all her life, cared for her sick brother, and helped her husband.

The family of the famous Bukovyna artist Orest Kryvoruchka needs our help!

Great difficulties in the family began at the beginning of 2021. Oksana's father, Orest Kryvoruchko, died of COVID. Orest Ivanovych was a famous Chernivtsi artist, graphic designer, and author of the coat of arms of the city of Chernivtsi and Chernivtsi region. To better understand his work, I am publishing his works here.

In 2021, Orest and his wife went to intensive care as a result of COVID. Oksana was forced to take out huge loans, trying to pay for medicine and save her parents. The mother was saved, but unfortunately, the father did not survive. In addition, chronic diseases and panic attacks in all family members were added.

Now, in fact, none of the three women can work full-time. Oksana has psychoneurological disorders, has a disability of the 3rd group, eats only mashed food, and leaves the apartment only with an escort. Sometimes it is possible to find small homework, or to paint a picture to order, or to sell one of my father's works. Bohdan's daughter, Valentina, who is 22 years old, is also being treated. Valentina's mother has significant complications after COVID and is constantly taking medication.

Thus, the family has a very low income in the form of pensions and social benefits, and constant high costs for medicine (from 2 to 8 thousand per month) and interest on loans (up to 8 thousand per month). There is almost nothing left to live on, and almost no chance of repaying the bank debt, which amounts to approximately $4,000. Local authorities and some patrons provided partial assistance, but this did not solve the problem. Due to the hopeless situation, the family is considering the possibility of emigrating to Germany, but there is no money for travel either.

The family will also be grateful for help in traveling to Germany, getting settled there, and finding housing. Thanks for the reposts!

Oksana's phone, Viber: +380502386543

Everyone can help the family.