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A hub for people with mental disabilities has opened in Kyiv

July 27, 2023, 21:25 129 Author: Albert Pavlov The Good Bread Hub has an inclusive bakery, art and carpentry workshops, a learning center and supported living rooms.

Tonight I attended the opening of the Good bread from good People hub in Kyiv. This is an inclusive bakery founded in 2017 by Vladyslav Malashchenko, which employs 25 people with mental disabilities. And now this project has moved to a four-story building in Darnytsia. Now it will be not only a bakery, but also new directions - an art studio for artists with disabilities, a carpentry workshop, a lecture hall and rooms for supported living. There are even plans to create an agency for employment of people with disabilities.

I am glad to see that the opening of the hub was attended by Ukrainian and foreign journalists and many guests. Vlad voiced the problems of psycho-neurological institutions and people with mental disabilities in general.

The fourth floor of the building is not yet finished, so today we have the opportunity to support this important project. I wish success to Vlad and his team, who not only bake 2,000 loaves of bread every day for war victims, but also create many jobs for special people.