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Work for candy: representatives of the ombudsman visited a psycho-neurological institution in Odesa

August 17, 2023, 15:35 147 Author: Kateryna Shevchuk Inhabitants complained about their involvement in forced labor by sanitary workers.

Work for candy

During the inspection of the Baraboyskogo psycho-neurological institution by representatives of the ombudsman, the inhabitants of the institution complained about their involvement in forced labor by sanitary workers. This was announced by the VRU Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets.

During monitoring, a number of violations were recorded in the psycho-neurological institution. In particular, one of the inhabitants of the institution was in an isolated room. The staff explained that the woman was isolated due to an attack of aggression that happened to her the day before.

In addition, the monitoring group noted the absence of shelters in the facility and the absence of an air raid alert. Some inhabitants live in rooms that are too small and need renovation. In addition, not all of them are equipped with bedside furniture.

Food products in the psycho-neurological institution were stored in refrigerators with a violation of the temperature regime and without primary packaging.

Violations of the rights of persons with disabilities and people with limited mobility to accessibility were also found.

In addition, some inhabitants of the psycho-neurological institution said that the orderlies against their will force them to wash the inmates with inhabitants mobility, clean the sanitary and hygienic premises and work on the auxiliary farm. They are given cigarettes and candies for their work.