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Shcherbinivka - a place where people just help other people.

March 25, 2024, 14:30 87
Thanks to the "Zaporuka" foundation for helping to create houses of supported living

The fund purchased boilers, boilers, chimneys and other materials for the heating system of buildings in Shcherbynivka, Cherkasy Oblast

February 20, 2024, 22:00 99
Fashion of the soul and heart. Designers save the inhabitants of Skarbek Castle

Ukrainian trendsetters took patronage over the wards of a psychoneurological boarding school.

February 16, 2024, 20:00 138
A warm home for everyone

Important steps on the way to opening homes for orphans and people with disabilities in Shcherbynivka.

December 6, 2023, 17:00 136
We continue to help the Bardysh family

Thanks to you, we bought a washing machine for the family. But further help is very much needed.

October 4, 2023, 8:00 162
The second breath of Shcherbynivka village

In a small village in Cherkasy region, a team of volunteers creates houses for host families, DBST, IDPs and people with disabilities, as well as a bakery and workshops.

October 3, 2023, 18:00 162
Life outside the psycho-neurological institution

Personal experience of care for a person with an intellectual disability.

August 1, 2023, 19:55 160
A hub for people with mental disabilities has opened in Kyiv

The Good Bread Hub has an inclusive bakery, art and carpentry workshops, a learning center and supported living rooms.

July 27, 2023, 21:25 125
Breathe freely!

Purchased oxygen concentrators for patients with cystic fibrosis.

May 8, 2022, 22:45 152
Orphans with disabilities may have a chance to stay in the family until the age of 23

The Government of Ukraine has approved a draft law which, after approval by the Parliament, will allow children with disabilities to stay longer in foster families and family-type orphanage

November 30, 2018, 19:00 209
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